What’s YOUR “1-Most-Important” Thing?

What’s YOUR “1-Most-Important” Thing?

There is an art to asking challenging questions without threatening your client.
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A presentation given at my home Chapter for BNI (Business Networking International) in Rochester NY.

Part of my job is helping clients clarify their vision of what needs to be done: Print, E-mail Website and Video are tactics. Answers to questions like “Where do you want to go from here?” are are needed before choosing the vehicle to get there.

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I help focus client strategies and create effective communication and sales tools. My clients include corporate groups, not-for-profits and small businesses owners. It's my considered opinion that every client-accomplishment and successful interaction drives back to how groups and individuals communicate both internally and externally. A comfortable Presenter, I have guest lectured at RIT and GCC. Client industries have included: Health Care; Digital Imaging; Consumer products; Industrial and Manufacturing.

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